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Model: ELMDFTRB3433

Our insulative “bubble” sheets are the perfect solution for blocking cold drafts coming through air returns and vents which our solid covers cannot fit over (ie: large or odd sized vents). They can be cut to any size up to 24" W x 30" L For return vents with hinged grates, simply cut the sheet to the size of your filter, place inside, and re-close the grate. That’s it!

If you have a vent that is a size/style that our solid covers do not fit, the sheet would attach to the outside of the vent, adhered by a fastener (we recommend using clear Velcro to blend in with the color of the vent).

  • Can be cut to fit any size from: 12" W x 12" L up to and including 24" W x 30" L
  • Attaches easily, no tools required 
  • Ideal for air returns and vents for which our solid covers do not fit
  • Helps prevent heat loss and cold drafts 
  • Re-usable
  • Clean, white appearance blends in perfectly with air return grates
  • Foil bubble insulation with an R-3 value
  • Attaches to existing filter with double sided tape (included)
  • Make sure cover is removed prior to HVAC air conditioning usage
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At Elima Draft, your well-being is our top priority. We know that air quality plays a vital role in order to live healthy and reduce the risk of sickness.

Air is a busy place with lots of toxins, dust, and contaminants; All are airborne irritants that can compromise our respiratory and immune system.


The Virus Protector Vent Cover & Filter provide a last line of defense against harmful particles coming through.

Air Flows from the top

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Breath better

Clean air flows out

Change every 45 days



Mold Spores



NEW 2023

Vent Cover

Can be cut to fit any size up to 24" X 30"
Weight: 1lb